1 second every day, from my 21st birthday to my 22nd:

exploring europe, starting my first full time job, moving to san francisco and finding my people, partying at music festivals, snowboarding, moving (again), getting into quarantine shenanigans during a global pandemic, and wrapping it up with a california road trip


1 second every day, from my 21st birthday to my 22nd:

interning at facebook, popping by portland and chicago, visiting family in korea, returning to brown (for the last time), leaf peeping in maine, snowboarding on both coasts, eating tapas in spain, making new friends, last minute jumping on a coachella trip, GRADUATING, hanging out in korea (again), climbing trees in brazil, exploring europe, and making memories


1 second every day, from my 20th birthday to my 21st:

interning at facebook, studying abroad in london, exploring europe, moving my little brother into college, returning to brown, saying bye to my dog, making new friends, traveling to mexico, visiting family in korea, interning at facebook (again), and all the little moments in between


1 second every day, from my 19th birthday to my 20th:

interning at adobe, crashing the brown 2020 class picture, falling more in love with brown, going to grace hopper at houston, celebrating thanksgiving in new york, snowboarding at tahoe, joining theta, taking a glassblowing class, getting a stick + poke tattoo, watching my brother graduate, hanging out with my grandparents, interning at facebook, and so much more